Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica history: Although the name suggests otherwise, Cannabis Indica most likely comes from Afghanistan or the South Asian subcontinent. Lamarck was the first botanist in Europe to classify this species. The samples came from India, which is why the name Cannabis Indica was chosen.


How do you recognize an Indica plant?

The plant of the Indica has a compact shape with relatively thick stems. Normally the length will not exceed about two meters. The leaves can be recognized by their dark green colour. Depending on the plant the colour can even be dark blue or green black. In addition, the leaves have broad blades with a short length. Compared to the Sativa plants, the side branches are considerably denser overgrown, this is clearly reflected in the shape of the plant, which is reminiscent of a shrub. The flowers of the Indica grow as thick clusters around the nodes of female plants. The nodes are the places where leaves grow out of the branches and the stem. Because the flowers are full they usually weigh more than flowers of the Sativa plant.


What can you use Cannabis Indica for?

Indica plants usually have a high content of the cannabinoids CBN, CBD and THC. Compared to other cannabinoids, the THC content of Cannabis Sativa is usually higher, Cannabis Indica has a considerable amount of all three properties. The effect of the Indica strains can often be experienced physically stronger. Think of an increased physical sensitivity, relaxation of the muscles, red eyes and a dry mouth. This effect is often called "stoned", which is in fact the opposite of the "high" you will experience with the Sativa strains. The Indica plant does have psychoactive effects as well as a physical narcotic aspect. Because the fibres of the Indica are less suitable for industrial use, this plant is mainly used for its psychoactive and medicinal properties. You find these varieties a lot in medical applications and as medical marijuana.

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